Who are we?

Our company is run by people who have a long and versatile experience in metal industry. Experience covers managing workshops as well as projects in machine and marine industry. This is why we can understand the needs of our customers.

When you need qualified people to work for you in your work environment, let us know. We can find the right people to fulfill your needs.

The workers come mainly from Baltic countries as well as from the Eastern European countries. Our workforce has experience mainly in metal industry covering welding, machining, assembly and installation. We also have constantly people working in building construction field. For the test and familiarization period we can supply a person who speaks English, Finnish and workers native language fluently.

VH is registered in Finland. All our employees are on our own pay roll. We do not forward free lancers. Our workers have a Finnish tax number. We take care all juridical obligations in Finland. Such as VAT, insurance, other legal payments, employees’ medical treatment contracts, etc. When required workers have hot work and work safety education given in their native language before arriving in your premises.